Why are my eyes so red and irritated?

In order for the eyes to remain happy and healthy, there has to be a continuously fresh layer of tears evenly spread across the eyeball. Any irregularity of the tear film will immediately make the eyes uncomfortable.

Deficient blinking combined with poor tear secretion account for most of these problems.

The blink rate varies with activity. Can you guess which activity stimulates MOST and LEAST blinking?
We blink most when speaking, and we blink least while reading.
Computer users are very prone to this problem. Besides the low blink rate, the dry office air makes things that much more intolerable. Force yourself to take brief breaks more often. Sit back, close your lids and relax for a few seconds. Take a sip of water. Stretch your legs. You’ll be amazed how much more refreshed you feel when you return to the keyboard.

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