What should I do for these dry eyes?

Let’s first review what we know about wet eyes and dry eyes.
The healthy eyeball remains moist due to the presence of a three-layer tear film. The outmost layer is oil, the middle layer is water, and the tear layer closest to the cornea is mucus. Tiny, microscopic glands deep in the eyelids called the ACCESSORY LACRIMAL GLANDS produce the water layer. Do not confuse these with the big lacrimal gland above the eyeball.

If these tiny glands produce an inadequate supply of fresh water (and oxygen) to the surface of the eye,
the tear film becomes toxic, just like vinegar. In response to this change, nerves on the surface of the
eye sense trouble and alert the big lacrimal gland upstairs to make lots of tears to flood the surface of
the eyeball. The same thing happens whenever somebody blows smoke into your face.

Here are some of the leading things that lead to decreased tear production:

  • ADULTHOOD – The tiny glands in the eye deteriorate with age, sometimes causing dry eye.
  • GENDER – Women experience far more dry eye problems. Yes! Estrogen can help reverse dry eye.
  • CHRONIC INFLAMMATION – Conditions like arthritis, lupus, other autoimmune conditions can cause inflammation and lead to dry eyes.
  • TOXIC EXPOSURE – Too much radiation, too much sunlight, too much surgery.
  • MEDICAMENTOSA – Reduced tear production caused by medications. You would be well served to have Dr. Koganovsky perform a complete dry eye evaluation.

Many different conditions can cause your symptoms, and many are highly treatable. Don’t be miserable – take action!

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