Contact Lens Services

Dr. Steven R. Koganovsky specializes in the “hard to fit” contact lens patient, with emphasis and applications of Clinical as well as Investigative Contact Lens Practice.

contact lenses and contact lens servicesDr. Koganovsky has served in an Advisory capacity as Consultant and Clinical Investigator for such companies as Bausch and Lomb, Barnes-Hind/Hydrocurve, Ciba Vision, and CooperVison, Major leaders in the Contact Lens industry. Additionaly, Dr. Koganovsky has published articles and has lectured extensively, Nationally as well as Internationally, and is a recognized authority in the area of Contact lens Practice.

Dr. Steven Koganovsky has always been on the “cutting edge” of Technology with respect to the latest Innovations in Equipment and Techniques involved in Contact Lens practice. With the use of a device known as a Corneal Topographer, an instrument which measures the shape of the Cornea, and the associated software, Dr. Koganovsky will design a contact lens “custom-fitted” to your eye specifications.

Dr. Koganovsky will evaluate and prescribe Soft and Gas-Permeable Custom designed Contact Lenses which include:

  • Spherical as well as Astigmatic Lenses
  • Keratoconic Contact Lenses
  • Presbyopic, Bifocal, and Monovision Contact Lenses
  • Colored Contact Lenses for Cosmetic enhancement
  • Post-Cataract and Post-Refractive Surgery Contact Lenses
  • X-Chrome Contact Lenses for Color Deficiency Red/Green
  • Reverse Geometry and CRT Contact Lenses are specifically designed oxygen permeable Therapeutic contact lenses used in Corneal Refractive Therapy. This is a sophisticated Non-surgical process, which reshapes the cornea while you sleep. You remove the Contact lenses when you are awake and are able to go throughout the day without any Other correction.

Dr. Koganovsky will recommend the most effective Contact Lens Design, Instruct you in the proper care and handling of your contact lenses upon dispensing (including instruction for cleaning and disinfecting), and arrange for the necessary Follow-up Care.

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Dr. K is the premiere eye doctor and professional sports & athletic optometrist based in Margate, FL.

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